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Reclaimed Yorkstone Crazy PavingYorkstone Crazy Paving

Our Yorkstone crazy paving is well known for being the best quality in Yorkshire.

The reason is that we only pick a selection of large and medium broken down pieces to ensure you get the best look with your project once its laid.

Some other suppliers can be known to load really small pieces onto pallets to cut costs. We class this ourselves as loading scraps!

Please ensure you get the best possible quality!

Thickness 30mm-70mm.

Reclaimed Yorkstone Crazy Paving

Reclaimed Yorkstone crazy paving is the left over broken down flags from the Cathedral and Grade A reclaimed.

We palletise the broken flags, which are set onto pallets at a quantity of 10 sq meter per pallet.

If you have an order smaller than this, we can hand pick the amount, provided it is less than 10 sq meter, onto a pallet at no additional cost.

Thickness 30mm-70mm.


Lead Time 2-3 days

Yorkstone Crazy Paving

Price – £14.00 per sq meter.

Lead time – 2 – 3 days.

Reclaimed Yorkstone Crazy Paving

Price – £25.00 per sq meter.

Lead time – 2 – 3 days.


If you’re looking for the best quality Yorkstone for your crazy paving landscaping project, then please get in touch with us today. You can phone Owen on 0800 030 6861 or email us at