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Reclaimed Yorkstone Crazy PavingYorkstone Crazy Paving

Our Yorkstone crazy paving is well known for being the best quality in Yorkshire.

We ensure you receive good value by only selecting large and medium broken-down pieces of Yorkstone, this also helps achieve the best finished look to your patio or terrace.

Ensure you get the best possible quality product by choosing our pavers. Unlike some unscrupulous suppliers, we never bulk our pallets up with small, useless pieces of stone – you only receive great sized, usable pieces of paver. Scraps are for the bin, not customers.

To achieve the unique crazy paved look, our pavers are supplied in a variety of medium and large sizes, and various shapes. The thickness of the pavers will be between 30-70mm.

If you are looking for reclaimed Yorkstone to achieve your unique-looking patio or terrace, then why not go for the best and choose ours?

Our reclaimed Yorkstone crazy paving is made up of left-over broken-down flags from our Cathedral and Grade A reclaimed pavers – the finest quality you can get.

We palletise the broken flags, which are set onto pallets at a quantity of 10 sq meter per pallet.

As above, paver size is random, and the thickness of each piece will be between 30-70mm.

Lead Time on our products is 2-3 days – from the quarry directly to your door.

Yorkstone Crazy Paving

Price – £28 per sq meter plus VAT.

Lead time – ask sales.

Reclaimed Yorkstone Crazy Paving

Price – £35.00 per sq meter plus VAT.

Lead time – 2 – 3 days.


If you’re looking for the best quality Yorkstone for your crazy paving landscaping project, then please get in touch with us today. You can phone Owen on 0800 030 6861 or email us at

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