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Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving

Cathedral grade reclaimed paving laid out on a terrace

When it comes to Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving, Cathedral grade is the highest quality anyone could wish to buy.

All of our Cathedral slabs are hand-selected by our masoners and placed on pallets.

With it being Cathedral grade this stone is classed as an antique. In many cases you will find that Cathedral Grade is well over 50 years old. This is the reason besides the character, that Cathedral grade is so desirable.The thickness of this product can range from 50mm to 75mm.

Our Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving, whichever you might choose will give your project immediate age and character.should you choose this product. The reason for this is because the paving we reclaim is more than likely to be over 100 years old (again providing the ageing effect).

The cathedral grade and the grade A we stock are not different batches of small quantities put together. We reclaim a minimum of 100 sq meters at one given time.

The pallets of the reclaimed paving are then taken back to our yard, where the best looking flags are hand picked and separated from the others. These are the ones we then sell to the public. The remaining we then sell at trade.

In addition to its visual appeal, Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving is also valued for its sustainability. By repurposing stones that would otherwise be discarded, it helps reduce the environmental impact associated with quarrying new materials, making it a popular choice among eco-conscious homeowners and designers.

Overall, Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving combines beauty, durability, making it a desirable option for enhancing outdoor spaces with a touch of history and character.

reclaimed yorkstone paving stored in stacks at our site


Grade A Reclaimed York stone

From £92 per m2 plus VAT


Cathedral Grade Reclaimed York stone

From £105 per m2 plus VAT



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