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Sawn YorkstoneDiamond Sawn Yorkstone

Diamond sawn for precision, our sawn Yorkstone pavers typically contain a mixture of buff and grey colouring that weathers over time to a beautiful even finish. 

Sawn Yorkstone paving is hard wearing and, due to its clean lines and crisp surface, it makes an ideal paving for modern contemporary designs. Our pavers are suitable for both internal and external use and are particularly stunning when used indoors. Customers often use this product for fireplaces and hearths. 

Suitable applications include pathways, garden patios, driveways, marketplaces, and fireplace hearths.

Being one of our top specialities, our bespoke paving is considered to be one of the best colours and qualities in Yorkstone. Quarried from just a couple of hand-selected West Yorkshire sites, we’re proud to supply such a high-end product.

We’re assured of the quality of the stone by repeat orders and high demand for the product. We have supplied this particular product on a global scale, mainly for private customers who are building/renovating properties abroad.

We’re also happy to report that we have a fast lead time on all of our products – 90% of our orders go from quarry to customer within 72 hours. 

Bullnose Steps

Sawn Yorkstone Bulnose

Create a stylish entrance to your home, highlight a staircase or complement our sawn pavers with handcrafted bullnose steps.

To complement our range of sawn pavers, we also specialise in bullnose steps that are bull-nosed by the best masoners in the stone business. 

To see more example of our bullnose steps in finished projects, please get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Diamond Sawn Yorkstone

Price – £88.00 per sq meter plus VAT.

Lead time – Please ask our team for updated lead times


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