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Riven Yorkstone Paving patio Random sized, Riven Yorkstone paving with a sawn edge is our cheapest option for this product.

This paving comes straight out of our quarry and is cut from huge slabs of rock down to as many suitable sized pieces of slab we can obtain from the face.

As this product takes less time to cut and isn’t finished by hand, it is particularly good value for money. We also hold a large quantity of stock at any given time – meaning we can provide further value. Despite the lower price, the stone is the same great quality as our other products.

We can also mason steps and copings to match your riven Yorkstone order. Our random Yorkstone comes in sizes generally between 450-600mm wide and 600-1400mm in length.

riven yorkstone paving in stacks at our yardHand Fettled Riven Yorkstone Paving (random sized).

Our Hand fettled riven Yorkstone will be the same shade of colour as the sawn edged Yorkstone paving, only the edges are fettled. Because they are hand fettled by our masoners, this product needs more attention to detail as it is cut down with a lump hammer and chisel. The hand-finished nature of the product explains the price difference when compared to sawn stone.

Characterized by a rough riven texture (hence the name!), the natural chips and random size of the pavers creates a unique finish.

Our hand fettled paving is random in size and thickness varies between 30- 60mm. Matching steps and coping also available for this product.

Sawn Edged Riven Yorkstone Paving

Random sized

Price – £85 per sq meter plus VAT

Hand Fettled Riven Yorkstone Paving

Random sized

Price – £95 per sq meter plus VAT.


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